About Us

Camby's Closet was inspired by a bright-eyed (and well dressed) little girl named Camby! What's with the name, Camby? It's the maiden name of her mom, Meredith, who is the boutique owner.

When Camby was born, her great uncle, Bregg, and mom, Meredith, started buying her the most precious clothes they could find. They scoured all kinds of different websites and stores to find the perfect outfits for her. Meredith thought, wouldn't it be nice if instead of having to shop in many different places for cute children's clothing, you could go to one place and know that everything would be perfectly adorable?

That day, Camby's Closet was born! We strive to be your one stop shop for the best curated collection of classic children's clothing for ALL occasions. From play clothes, to party clothes and even special occasions, we've got your child covered in cuteness! We specialize in smocked, personalized, and applique but truly carry something for every child and every occasion.