My 1st Birthday Outfits

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A child's first birthday is VERY special! It's a celebration of our first trip around the sun. We've changed SO much since we were first born. I started out as a little 8 pound blob with black hair and now I'm a 22 pound, red headed, ball of joy, who loves running, laughing, and catching bubbles! 
For my 1st birthday, my mom dressed me in not 1 but 2 adorable outfits. If Princess Kate and Megan Markle can have 2 dresses for their big day, so can I. 
I started the celebration in a sweetly smocked mint green dress from Camby's Closet. 
The green dress I wore is sold out but a pink one just like it is available for pre-order at Cambys Closet. If you or any of your friends have birthdays coming up, tell your mom or dad to pre-order your dress for your party! 
It was the PERFECT 1st birthday dress because it was comfortable but very very cute. The smocking on the collar of the dress had a birthday cake, balloons, and presents. And since my favorite colors are pink and green, this dress matched my party perfectly. 
Then, I smashed my cake and got icing all over my pretty dress! 
So, I changed into a more casual 2nd outfit for the rest of the party. 
This outfit came from Etsy vendor SweetandStitched and it was just the cutest! 
I loved celebrating my 1st birthday in style! 


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