Happy Birthday Camby!

Posted by Meredith Hartman on

As all parents know, birthdays are special for kids! But your child's 1st birthday is SUPER DUPER special! Your teeny tiny baby has grown into a crawling (maybe walking), talking, full of personality child and that must be celebrated!  And, let's face it, the 1st birthday is a celebration for the parents too...you made it through the first year! Phew! 
In our house, birthdays are always a big deal! Growing up, my mom made a HUGE deal about our birthdays and I want to pass that down to Camby. For her 1st birthday, we planned a cake smash photo shoot with our favorite family photographer Meredith-June. I will treasure the pictures from this shoot FOREVER! 
Camby's dress was PERFECT for her 1st birthday photo shoot. It's from Camby's Closet and you can pre-order one for your child's birthday! The birthday cake, hot pink balloons and green birthday presents on the smocking made the dress extra special for this birthday shoot. She even re-wore it for her actual birthday party.  I'll blog about that another time ;). 
Happy 1st Birthday, Camby! We love you! I can't wait to see your cuties in this birthday dress too! 


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