Fun (and cute) night out at the Pumpkin Patch

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If you're a new mom like me, you might sometimes find yourself longing for those nights out with your friends where you all meet up, at the spur of the moment, and have a drink (or 3). No one had to worry about hiring a baby sitter or checking with their significant other to see if he/she could watch the baby. You just made the plans and 30 minutes later, you're at the bar with no worries about being tired when your 6 months old wakes up at 6am lol. 

While that may not be my life anymore, I still find lots of fun things to do with my family and friends. Yesterday, one of our favorite local restaurants, The Goodyear House, hosted a family friendly night in their outdoor space complete with a pumpkin patch, bails of hay, and face painting. The weather was PERFECT so the moms I share a nanny with decided we'd all meet up with our little ones and have a fun night out. And by "night out" I mean 4-6pm because #momlife haha. 

The parents enjoyed some wine and appetizers and our kids had a blast running through the bails of hay, picking up the small pumpkins and getting their faces painted. It was truly a fun night for all. Camby, being the social butterfly that she is, particularly enjoyed greeting every.single.table. that walked in haha. I swear that child is the most people person I've ever met. 

Camby was wearing Camby's Closet's Happy Fall Yall dress for our night out and it was PERFECT for the occasion. It was comfortable enough for her to run around all night, its long sleeves kept her warm as the sun went down, and the pumpkin and gourd pattern earned her best dressed for the pumpkin patch. :) Did you know Camby's Closet also has the matching boy romper as well? 

You know it was a fun night out when you come home with a smile on your pumpkin painted face and dirt on your dress haha. Clearly Camby thoroughly enjoyed her night out at the pumpkin patch and had an uninterrupted night of sleep afterwards! Talk about a win!

So, yeah, I miss those impromptu nights out with friends, but watching my daughter run through bails of hay and greet other families while drinking my wine, is pretty darn fun too! I love this new role of mom and wouldn't change it for the world. 

P.S. The Goodyear house is doing their pumpkin patch night every Tuesday in October starting at 4pm. If you're in Charlotte, go check it out! You might see us there! 



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